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Maternity Portraits(and Babies too)


The miracle of life is one of the greatest gifts given to us. Have you thought about how you want to catpure this moment? This is a special time in your life, that may only come once. You might want to read this article by Carma Haley Shoemaker, and see if this is something you would like to do. Most sessions last between one to two hours. They are done either in your home, in the studio, or a special place you like to spend time during your pregnancy. Sessions are $179 and include a CD of your favorite 12 images from the session, and (1) 8x10 of your favorite image. You can make prints from your CD, or if you would rather not hassle with that, you can order additional prints from me. You can also order a DVD slideshow of the shoot, or maybe just a small 2x3 leather album to keep in your purse, or a folio of images. If you are considering a session, there are some helpful hints to think about below:

Outdoor Maternity Romantic Portrait Expecting Mother
Pregnency Expecting Couple
Expecting Couple Beautiful Pregnancy Expecting Couple
Beautiful Pregnancy Expecting Mother Beautiful Pregnancy
Expecting Mother Expecting Mother Expecting Couple
Expecting Couple
Expecting Mom
Beautiful Pregnancy
Silhouette of Pregnancy Baby
Sleeping baby
Baby Baby Feet
Prepration for the session:

1. The best time during your pregnancy to do the photoshoot is the third trimester (preferably the 8th month)

2. Be sure we have selected a time when you think you will be relaxed and well rested.

3. Eat a good breakfast before our shoot.

4. Have several changes of clothes picked out ahead of time. Solid colors work well. It is best if your clothes are wrinkle free. We usually suggest having four or more changes on hand. You will want clothes that show off your pregnancy, rather than minimize it. Often comfortable, form fitting clothing will work well for this. If you are interested in doing nude, semi-nude or lingerie images, please let us know ahead of time.

5. Be careful not to wear elastic over any area that will show during the shoot. You don't want strap marks to appear on the photographs.

6. When preparing hair and make-up we recommend taking a conservative approach.

7. If you have specific ideas of what you want, please let us know so we can prepare a check list. This will prevent us from missing a specific photograph you wanted. If you don't have specific ideas, don't worry, it is often fun to improvise as we go.

8. Allow yourself to concentrate on the photo session by not scheduling too many appointments on the same day as your shoot.

9. If you would like your spouse in the photos, make sure they are well prepared as well.

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